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David Kervin

Welcome to Verdict Post, the best personal injury lawyer directory.

Verdict Post is not your typical static, [boring] legal directory that tries to be everything to all people.  No indeed.  Verdict Post is dynamic — lawyers can post their case results for new clients to see.

Verdict Post is a legal publishing platform built exclusively for trial lawyers looking to market solely to prospective clients actively looking to retain a lawyer.

Verdict Post was designed by an actual personal injury lawyer (David) who has a passion for legal tech solutions.  David saw a need for a specific platform focused on one area of law — plaintiff’s trial law — to help prospective clients find their ideal personal injury attorney to help them win their case.

Verdict Post solves the consumer’s problem of having to wade through various practice categories in order to find the ideal lawyer to represent them.  Instead of sorting through family law attorneys and estate planning attorneys to find a trucking accident expert, the client can go straight to the skilled lawyer and contact them directly from the platform.

We offer 18 personal injury practice area specialties to choose from.  Consumers search by name, location or practice area and find their highly-skilled trial lawyer.

The most exciting feature of Verdict Post is that trial lawyers can post their own notable settlements and verdicts for the public to see.  Now for the first time, people searching for lawyers can see what results the lawyer gets on real cases.  The prospective client can feel more confident in who they hire because they can see that the lawyer is skilled in personal injury trial work.

For example, maybe you suffered a leg injury from a slip and fall at a department store in Indianapolis.  Do you simply search Google and select the first lawyer who has a paid listing? How do you know they’re any good?  How many slip and falls have they actually handled successfully?

Assume you are looking for a medical malpractice attorney.  Has the lawyer ever successfully prosecuted a medical malpractice case against a nursing home?  How much money have they recovered on similar cases?  With Verdict Post, you can have more confidence in the attorney you hire because you can see not only the types of cases they have success in, but also how much they have recovered for their clients.