AI personal injury lawyer

How will AI change practicing personal injury law?

With Chat GPT-4 about to be released, we can certainly expect the personal injury lawyer’s practice to change, hopefully for the better. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already changing the legal industry in significant ways, and its impact is only expected to grow. Here are some of the ways AI will change law practice: Legal research: […]

personal injury lawyer marketing

How should a personal injury lawyer market their services?

Just how many personal injury lawyer directories are out there? There are many personal injury lawyer directories available online, including popular personal injury lawyer directories in the United States include Avvo, FindLaw,, and Nolo, among others. Here are ten ways a personal injury lawyer can market their professional services: Create a strong online presence: […]

top car accident attorney

Who is the top car accident attorney near you?

Just who is the top car accident attorney near you? That’s the problem Verdict Post is trying to solve.  In our experience, lawyers who get better results for their clients tend to be better car accident attorneys.  While it might be impossible to say who the best car accident attorney near you is, it is […]

top 10 jury verdicts in california history

Top 10 jury verdicts ever in California.

What are the Top Ten largest jury verdicts in California history? Here are the top ten civil jury verdicts in California’s history: $4.9 billion – In re: Exxon Valdez, awarded in 1994 to over 30,000 fishermen and Native Alaskans who were affected by the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. $2.3 billion – Johnson & Johnson […]

best trial lawyer

John Adams was a great American trial lawyer.

John Adams was a great American trial lawyer. I am a big fan of John Adams and his wife Abigail as founders of our great nation.  But did you know that John Adams was also a great trial lawyer?  It’s true!  John Adams defended British soldiers accused of murdering American colonialists in what has been […]